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                Windsurfing at Palo Alto in SF Bay in May 2009
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                Windsurfing at Coyote Point November 2009
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VFIIX Vanguard GNMA "Ginnie Mae" Fund
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VFIIX: Vanguard GNMA Historical Price Chart

Vanguard GNMA Fund Investor Shares (VFIIX) 
  • Seeks to provide a moderate level of current income.
  •  Invests primarily in Government National Mortgage Association (”Ginnie Mae”) securities These securities are backed by the U.S. government to provide timely payment of principal and interest.
  • Follows no specific maturity guidelines but typically maintains a dollar-weighted average maturity of 3 to 10 years.
  • For commentary and my specific advice for this fund, read
    "Kirk's Investment Newsletter"