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VXF - Vanguard Extended Market ETF
Overview:  Product Summary:  VXF Seeks to track the performance of a benchmark index, the Vanguard Extended Market (VEXMX) that measures the investment return of stocks from small and midsize companies. VXF provides a convenient way to match the performance of virtually all regularly traded U.S. stocks except those in the S&P 500 Index. VXF is passively managed, using index sampling techniques.The fund invests in about 3,000 stocks, which span many different industries and account for about one-fourth of the market-cap of the U.S. stock market. One of the fundís risks is its full exposure to the mid- and small-cap markets, which tend to be more volatile than the large-cap market.  More Fund info from Vanguard.       Link for  VOO - Vanguard S&P500 ETF  Articles  -   Quotes & Inspiration  - Portfolio Performance

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