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                Windsurfing at Palo Alto in SF Bay in May 2009
About Kirk Lindstrom
                Windsurfing at Coyote Point November 2009

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Kirk Lindstrom has written about and helped individuals learn to manage their investments since the early 1990's. Kirk has an engineering degree from the University of California, Berkeley.  He also took graduate courses in device physics and electrical engineering at Stanford University.  See profiles: Facebook & LinkedIn

Starting as a summer intern in 1978, Kirk worked for 20 as a scientist and engineer at Hewlett Packard's research and development department (R&D) designing solid state devices and components for optical communication.

My patent "Infrared receiver with variable input resistance for optical communication systems"

While he was at HP, Kirk invested ten to twenty percent per year of his salary.  He made some mistakes early on (starting with paying high fees for "expert" advice that under performed) but soon he  learned to invest his own money well enough to afford a life of "semi-retirement" to work for himself.  In a way, since leaving HP in 1998, Kirk became his own "angel investor" using his
his own money and investing success to finance his lifestyle in Los Altos, California to invest in a new career on the internet helping others do the same.

You can read about my success in this May 9, 2007 Los Altos Town Crier  Newspaper Article Taking the bull by the horns: Local investor quintuples portfolio.

An added benefit of working for himself, funded in most part by his own investments, Kirk had far more time to windsurf in the afternoons rather than attend engineering meetings.

After nine years of success as an investor and investment writer, Kirk was featured (pdf) on the front page of the Los Altos Town Crier business section, (online version.)

For over a decade, Kirk moderated and ran the "Personal Finance and Investing" group at the now defunct
, one of the first investment sites designed to have articles and answer questions to help others.  There Kirk made many new friends who still subscribe to his newsletters and  communicate with him regularly on his "Investing for the Long Term" group on Facebook.

Kirk took-off on his own in 2007 to create many of his own profitable websites and write for a few others including:
Kirk still lives in beautiful Los Altos, California and can often be found windsurfing in the spring through fall afternoons on the San Francisco Bay.  (Pictures)

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