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Intel's CEO Employment History
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Analysts are saying one thing and doing another.

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Intel Charts and Quote November 20, 2012: Yesterday Intel (INTC) announced that its CEO, Paul Otellini, will retire next year.  Many analysts are making a big issue out of this news.  Four of the last five Intel CEOs retired before the age of 65.  Intel's CEO employment history: Otellini, Barrett, Grove, Moore and Noyce retirement ages
Intel's five CEOs

Paul S. Otellini, joined Intel in 1974, became CEO in May 2005 and plans to retire in May at 62.

Craig R. Barrett, born Aug. 29, 1939 joined Intel in 1974.  He was CEO from May 1998 to May 2005 and retired at 65 but stayed on as board chairman between May 2005 to May 2009.

Andrew S. Grove, joined Intel in 1968, was CEO from April 1987 to May 1998, and retired at 61.
Gordon E. Moore, co-founded Intel in 1968, was CEO from April 1975 to April 1987, and retired at 58.
Robert N. Noyce, co-founded Intel in 1968, was CEO from July 1968 to April 1975, and retired at 47.

I will have more to say about Intel and my outlook for its future in my December 2012 investment letter

Note 1.  Source: Intel at a critical juncture as it searches for a new CEO
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