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 HPQ: Hewlett-Packard Could Double
My Buy in 2012 and Toni Sacconaghi's Price Targets 
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January 11, 2013: Yesterday I wrote an article for Seeking Alpha about Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) stock:
This is what I emailed my newsletter subscribers last year when I added HPQ to my explore portfolio at $14.50:
"This is a NEW position for the explore portfolio. I may be too close to HP so I have not had it in my newsletter explore portfolio. I left 14 years ago so maybe enough time has passed. I haven't bought any shares of HPQ with my personal account since selling most of my shares at much, much higher levels.... until yesterday when I bought some in after hours at $14.91 then bought some more this morning at $14.40. This might be a rare opportunity to get shares under $15...

"Too many people are negative on HP and it seems like that could be the final push to make a bottom....but I feel buying shares now is similar to my taking some profits in HP back in 1993 to buy IBM at about $11 a share."

Below are two more charts too late for publication with the article:

HP vs Dell Price Performance

Note 1.  Source:  Toni Sacconaghi Expects Dow Dog Hewlett-Packard To Nearly Double

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