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Bear Market Check List Signals All Clear
"Bull Market Continues Says David Darst Bear Market Check List"
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March 8, 2013:  Today on CNBC just before the Dow set another recording closing high,  David Darst of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management told Maria Bartiromo and Bill Griffeth that the bull market still has room to run.  Darst warned that new money now is like coming to a cocktail party late as they missed the first double.  He warned that new money can still come in but it needs to watch his bear market check list for signs when to leave.  "This is like a cocktail party.... come in, have a quick cocktail and leave."

DOW Chart on a closing basis
DOW Chart on a Closing basis

DOW Chart on an intraday basis

DOW Chart on an intraday basis

David Darst`s Bear Market Check List:
  1. Are we entering a recession?  No
  2. Is the Fed Tightening?  NO
  3. Is investor euphoria present?  No.  There is froth but not a bubble
  4. Are valuations stretched? No
  5. Are transportation, bank and small cal stocks doing poorly or getting beaten up?  No.  In fact, many like FDX in my "Explore Portfolio" are still leading.
  6. Are bond spreads widening?  No, they are actually getting narrower vs. treasuries

Darst said all six factors on his list say the party can continue but "have a quick snack and be ready to take off."

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