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US Federal Capital Gains Tax Rates for 2013
US Federal Capital Gains tax rates & brackets for 2013 Tax Year
US Federal  Income Tax Brackets - Federal Tax Rates for 2013
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April 15, 2013
Today is "Tax Day" when US Federal income taxes for 2012 must be paid even if you file for an extension.  39.6% is the top Federal marginal tax rate in 2013. Last year, 2012, the top marginal tax rate was "only" 35%.   With the new tax rates for 2013, there is a huge penalty for two people to marry if they are both in the higher tax brackets, especially if their combined income pushes them above the $450,000 threshold.

2013 Capital Gains Tax Rates
Ordinary Income 
Tax Rate
Capital Gain Rate
Capital Gain Rate

  • Capital gains up to $250,000 ($500,000 if filed jointly) on real estate used as primary residence are exempt.
  • The Medicare surtax on net investment income. A 3.8% surtax will be due on the lesser of your net investment income for the year, or the amount by which your “modified adjusted gross income”—or MAGI—exceeds those income thresholds. Note that a taxpayer could be subject to both the additional 0.9% tax on earned income and this 3.8% tax.
  • Single filers with adjusted gross income (AGI) in excess of $250,000 or couples who are married filing jointly and have AGI in excess of $300,000 will also face phaseouts of their deductions and personal exemptions. The phaseout of the personal exemption (sometimes called “PEP”) means for every $2,500 of AGI (or portion thereof) above $250,000 ($300,000 for married couples filing jointly), the $3,900 per-person personal exemption will be reduced by 2%. For married couples, personal exemptions will be fully phased out once their AGI exceeds $422,501, or for single filers if AGI exceeds $372,501.
Note: Each tax rate applies to a range of income, which is called a tax bracket. Each tax rate applies to a specific range of taxable income. Taxable income is total income after various deductions have been subtracted

US Federal  Income Tax Brackets - Federal Tax Rates for 2013

Note 1.  Source  &  2013 Capital Gains Tax Rates
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