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                Windsurfing at Palo Alto in SF Bay in May 2009  Dow Resistance and Support Levels
Resistance and Support levels for the DOW - Linear Scale
                Windsurfing at Coyote Point November 2009
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Quotes and Charts for Gold & GLD (the ETF for Gold)

May 7, 2013:   The Andrew's Pitchfork is a technical indicator that uses three parallel trendlines to identify possible levels of support and resistance. The trendlines are created by placing three points at the end of identified trends. This is usually achieved by placing the points in three consecutive peaks or troughs. Once the points have been placed, a straight line is drawn from the first point that intersects the midpoint of the other two.  It is also known as "median line studies."  My charts below are not "classical" interpretations of Andrew's Pitchfork but my endpoints capture several tops and bottoms for the current up channel.

Chart 1
 Chart of DOW to Gold Ratio 
Chart 2
Chart of DOW to Gold Ratio
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