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CNBC's Nielsen Ratings
Overall Ratings Collapse - Cramer & Kudlow Audience at Record Lows
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  Kirk's Observations on the Data

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July 10, 2013:  This week  Zerohedge1 posted the chart below showing The Nielsen ratings for CNBC's business day audience with the following observations:

Adding insult to the injury that is laughable total business day viewership back to only 2005 levels (and back to 1994 levels, when the bulk of today's traders weren't even born, in the demo) despite......
  • Squawk Box had its lowest rated month since August 2005. Seemingly not even Joe Kernen's caustic wit, impeccable sarcasm, conspicuous coiffe and wry humor (if only in his own mind) and ARS' access journalistic "skills" are enough to unsink this particular Titanic
  • Squawk on the Street had its lowest rated quarter and second lowest rated month ever
  • Kudlow Report had its lowest ever rated month and quarter ever. Not even King Dollar can save Larry
  • Mad Money had its lowest ever rated month and quarter ever. Sorry Jim: maybe stick to your hedge fund. Oh wait
CNBC Nielsen Ratings
The Nielsen rating of CNBC's business day audience

My Observations: This is probably very good news for stocks since shows that CNBC offers are most popular with "Joe Six Pack" at market tops.

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