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BART Union Pay vs Government Agencies
Bay Area Rapid Transit Pay vs Other Jobs

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August 3, 2013:  While BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and its unions fight over employee pay raises, an analysis by the San Jose Mercury News reported that BART's workers already have larger average paychecks than any of the top 25 highest paying government agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area.
           According to the San Jose Merc1 about BART union employees:

  • "(BART unions) have a degree of leverage from a strike perspective that many other industries don't, and this is a classic example of them capitalizing on it."
  • Since 2007, BART has received nearly 65,000 job applications for about 1,800 line-level union openings.
  • Only 6.8% of BART's blue-collar workforce left the job in the past year -- half the average national turnover rate for public and private employers -- and the typical union employee stays with BART for 13 years.
  • BART's best-paid janitor made $82,752 while the upscale Hillsborough City School District paid its top custodian $59,360.
  • BART's electrician with the highest paycheck made $149,957 -- nearly twice the $79,878 that AC Transit's best-paid electrician made.
  • "I don't know if it's an urban myth or just a saying, that the BART contract is held up in union halls around the county as the gold standard," BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost said. "We have to bring our compensation packages more in line with what others have. Years of protecting the employees have caught up with us."
BART Union Worker Pay Compared to Other Transportation Agencies
BART Gross Pay vs Highest Paying Government Agencies

BART Pay Compared to its Bay Area

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