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CNBC's Nielsen Ratings at 20 Year Lows
CNBC Nielsen Ratings: Total Viewers & Audience Size at 20 Yr Lows
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   CNBC Nielsen Data: Key Observations

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August 28, 2013:  According to an article posted by ZeroHedge1, the number of viewers in the core demographic (age 25 to 54) fell to a 20-year low in July.  As some of us have aged out of that key demographic and still watch CNBC for "contrarian ideas' the total audience size has held up better where it is only at a 9-year low.  See Key Observations below.

As a contrarian, buying stocks when most don't want to hear about them (total audience under 150,000) has worked out very well in the past 20 years.

 CNBC Nielsen Viewership Total & Prime (age 25-54) Demographic - Audience Size in 1,000s
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Total Audience axis on left, Prime Audience axis on the right.
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Key Observations:
  • ...according to the latest Nielsen data, in July the financial network's prime (25-54 demographic) viewership just tumbled to a fresh 20 year low of just 37,000, the lowest since March of 1993.
  • Total viewership fared a little bit better: it too plunged last month dropping to just 128,000, but that was the lowest in "only" just under a decade, or since September 2004.
  • Individual CNBC Shows "all had all time low ratings in the "all viewers" category in August 2013."
    • CNBC's Fast Money (-32% Y/Y)
    • Mad Money (-42% Y/Y)
    • Kudlow (-52% Y/Y)

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