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Resistance and Support levels for the DOW - Log Scale
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November 20, 2013:  This chart below shows  or "CPI-U" graphed versus " aka ECRI's Future Inflation Gauge" or "FIG" and the 10-Year TIPS spread.   See Definitions.

Chart 1: "CPI vs ECRI FIG vs TIPS Spread"
Chart of US CPI versus ECRI's FIG and the 10-Year TIPS Spread
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This next chart from ECRI's web site shows inflation in the US and Europe is lower than inflation in Japan!
Chart 2: "Patterns in Global Inflation"
Graph of Inflation in US, Europe and Japan
Chart posted on ECRI website as of 11/20/13
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  Chart 3: "Newsletter Explore Portfolio"
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note 1.  Source:  chart from

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