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Inspire the next female engineer
Goldie Blox
Inspire female engineers!
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December 21, 2013Here are some suggestions for last minute gifts.  You can get overnight shipping from  Note, I get a small commission if you use any of these links and order the same day so please do so if you find this useful.  Thanks.

Age Item
All Ages

<== Gift Cards
in a nice box
over $50
Gift Cards in envelopes for
$10 and up

18 to 118

Common Sense on Mutual Funds: Fully Updated 10th Anniversary Edition   by John C. Bogle, Founder of Vanguard Low Cost Mutual Fund Family

Bogle shows you how simplicity and common sense invariably trump costly complexity, and how a low cost, broadly diversified portfolio is virtually assured of outperforming the vast majority of Wall Street professionals over the long-term

==> I use Bogle's index fund strategy to construct the "core portfolios" recommended in my newsletter.

4 to 9

Inspire the Next Great Female Engineer!

GoldieBlox is a toy company out to inspire the next generation of female engineers . Girls are losing interest in math and science as young as age 8. Take a walk through a toy store and you can begin to see why; the “blue aisle” is filled with construction toys and chemistry sets, while the “pink aisle” is filled with princesses and dolls. Research shows that the earlier kids get interested in math and science, the more likely they are to go into those fields as adults.
Boys 4 to adult

From Apollo 8 Earthrise over the Moon

I can't describe how much the Apollo missions to the Moon inspired me to go into engineering.  What I remember from age five to ten was using my Lego sets to design and build "Lunar Rovers" for future trips.

If you want to give your kids and grandchildren fun toys that inspire them while building their hand-eye coordination, it is hard to think of better gifts than Lego Toys, Lincoln Logs, K'nex building sets and I am very pleased to see they have a set just for girls called Goldie Blox.

Adults of all ages
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Louder than a fire alarm at a convalescent home!


Who doesn't love chocolate and See's is always good!

"This is not your Whitmans's Sampler where the boxes got bigger and the candy got smaller. It is not your Godiva where the sugar rush is so intense I would start chasing cars shortly after eating them. This is PREMIUM chocolate. The truffles are soft to the palate with the right texture. The nuts are covered in a rich chocolate but do not crumble with the crush of enamel. They are a variety that can only be described as superb."


Coffee, a favorite gift I love to get
coffee sampler

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