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Resistance & Support levels Standard & Poor's 500 Index
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January 2, 2014:   This chart shows the next five support levels for the S&P500 index on a closing basis.
  1. Test of the 2-year plus dashed-red resistance-turned-support line.  This is where the market is as of today's close.  Chart 2 below shows a close up of this.
  2. 50-day moving average now at 1,790.66
  3. 200-day moving average now at 1,680.70
  4. Dashed-green lower support channel line now at 1,600.
Chart 1 - S&P500 with Resistance and Support Lines - Closing Values
 Chart of S&P500 with Resistance and Support Lines 
Chart 2 below shows a close-up of chart 1 for the last six months.  You can clearly see the S&P500 closed today right on the new support line.

Chart 2 - S&P500 with Resistance and Support Lines -
Chart of S&P500 with Resistance and Support Lines
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note 1.  Source:  charts from
The exchange traded funds (ETF) for the Dow and S&P500 are DIA and SPY, respectively. 

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