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Tom Drake's 2CS Sentiment Indicator History
 2CS calculated & reported by by Larry Moores
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August 2, 2014:  The 2CS Indicator History according to Larry Moores1 as of August 1, 2014. 

Larry Moores wrote "Here's what he does. He uses the daily vix and cboe put call ratios and takes the summation of the product of these two numbers for the last five days. I believe he feels this compensates for any games that might be played by the boys."

August 1, 2014 reading = 67.1%

  • 10/9/13 - 33.5 low coming off an 80 high
  • 12/18/13 - 69.6 low coming off a 90.5 high
  • 2/6/14 - 40.5 low coming off a 98.1 high
  • 3/17/14 - 59.1 low coming off a 79.5 high
  • 4/16/14 - 53.4 low coming off a 71.1 high
  • currently coming off a 99.3 high on 6/23/14
  • April 2011 Tom Drake Report
2CS chart from 2003 to 2009 (click to view full size image)
2CS Senticator

APRIL 26, 2011 : 2CS

"My favorite and simplest sentiment measure of the US stock market is the 2CS. Take each day's CBOE put/call ratio and multiply by each day's VIX or VXO (I have used the VXO since 1996). Sum the last five days of the daily product of VXO times P/C. When that five day total or 2CS gets under 70 we can start to wonder about the possibility an intermediate term top somewhere ahead. Sometimes the market will stall or go sideways a bit and relieve this condition, and then go higher again. But sometimes 2CS will continue to fall as the market moves up and get below 60. 2CS below 60 is almost always indicative of a significant decline within a week or two."

Note 1:  Information posted at  Re: 2CS-p =67.1% ..,..nm - - and Tom Drake's 2CS Senticator
Note 2: APRIL 26, 2011 Blog post titled 2CS
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