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10 Year CD Rates 
Rates & Yields For Ten Year CDs

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January 12, 2015:   Very few banks offer ten year CDs these days because very few want to tie their money up for so long at such low rates.  Currently, the best rate for a 10-YR CD is 2.30%.  You can do better with a 5-YR CD at 2.40% shown with the rate tool just below this survey.  For reference, the 10-year US Treasury rate is 1.93%.

APY Yields For Ten Year Certificates of Deposit.
Bank offering 10-yr CDs
APY Rate for $10,000
APY for $100,000
Chase Bank
Intervest National Bank
Discover Bank 2.30%
Ten Year US Treasury Rate
US Treasury Rate Quotes

CDs from Banks You Can Trust:
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