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February 11, 2015:  While going through my charts of stocks I watch for my newsletters this morning, I noticed that the chart for Citigroup had started to form a second inverted head and shoulder pattern with the same neckline.  This pattern is very bullish, but ONLY if it completes.  Right now, it is simply something to keep an eye on.

According to "Head & Shoulders Bottom (Reversal) Pattern | Money Definitions" we will want to see volume increase significantly as the price breaks above the dashed red neckline to confirm this bullish pattern.

Since buying shares in the $20s and selling those at $47.50 two years ago, I am back on "house money" for Citi in my newsletter "Explore Portfolio." Afer 5 years of going pretty much nowhere with high volatility while the S&P500 has doubled, it may be time to add again....
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Citigroup Stock Price Chart from Dec. 2008 through today

Citigroup Stock Price Chart

Citigroup Stock Price Chart (Monthly) from 1991 through today
Citigroup Stock Price Chart

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Note 1: chart courtesy of      Note 2: Head & Shoulders Bottom (Reversal) Pattern | Money Definitions

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