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Rates for  6-month plus 5, 10 & 30 year Bonds
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US Treasury Rates at a Glance
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May 24 2015: Table 1 shows current interest rates for US Treasury Bonds, bills and notes. Chart 1 below shows the US Treasury Interest Rates from 1993 through today.  Chart 2 shows 10-Yr & 30-Yr T-Bond Rates vs S&P500 

Table 1:  US Treasury Interest Rates
30-Year T-Bond = 2.99%
10-Year T-Bond = 2.921% 5-Year T-Note = 1.57%
Official Fed Funds Rate 0 to 0.25%
Current Fed Funds Rate = 0.12% 6-Month T-Bill = 0.08%

Current Quotes:  US Treasury Rates at a Glance

Chart 1 
Current US Treasury Bond Rates And Yields

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Chart 2:  10-Yr & 30-Yr T-Bond Rates vs S&P500 
10-Yr & 30-Yr T-Bond Rates vs S&P500

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