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How to Make Facebook show Handsome Men
How to make Facebook show you ads of handsome men
DESMIIT Men's Mesh Pocket Short
If handsome men aren't your thing, then see
Controlling Facebook Ads to Show Beautiful Women

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June 15, 2015:  I got really tired of looking online for a battery or parts for my toilet then having Facebook and other sites show me ads for these products I just bought every time I visited their site.  A simple solution was to:
  1. click on these Amazon Ads below
  2. add them to your shopping cart (best if you don't buy so Facebook reminds you to buy later)
  3. return to Facebook and other sites that used to annoy you with advertisements for crap you don't want to see and enjoy the view!
Amazon Ads
DESMIIT Men's Mesh Pocket Short

Lacoste Summer Essentials for Men
and Men's Mesh Pocket Short

BTW, life is certainly more complicated for writers such as titles for articles that work for all gender preferences and IDs!  I tried hard to be "politically correct" with these and it took many iterations.  I'm sure I still goofed some as it is very new to me, a male who enjoys beautiful women but doesn't want to offend my readers. 

Walmart Ads

If handsome men aren't your thing, then see
Controlling Facebook Ads to Show Beautiful Women

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