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Jim Cramer's Charitable Trust Performance
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March 13, 2016:  The January 2016 issue of Mark Hulbert's Financial Digest (HFD) "Long Term Performance Ratings" (LTPR) tabulates the performance for over 500 newsletter portfolios.  Hulbert updates this report twice a year.   For 2015, Hulbert says Cramer's Action Alerts Plus" portfolio had a total return of NEGATIVE 1.5% with a compound annual return over the past five years of 5.3%.  Below in Chart 1, I show Cramer's portfolio returns by year since inception.

Chart 2 below, I show excerpts from the recent HFD issue with Jim Cramer's Action Alerts Plus returns compared to benchmarks.  Following Cramer's complex buying and selling seems like a lot of noise and trouble to under perform simple indexes since inception.   Chart 3 checks Hulbert's math for Cramer's 5-year return.
Chart 1: Jim Cramer's Action Alerts Plus Charitable Trust Performance by Year    For comparison, I also show the performance of my very easy to follow newsletter portfolios over the same periods.  My Core portfolios are mostly index funds at Vanguard with Fidelity and ETF alternatives.

In the table below, I show how applying the reported return for each year of following Jim Cramer's Action Alert Plus portfolio would do if you compound the returns, much as if you used your own money. 

Jim Cramer's Action Alerts Plus Performance & Returns

  1. As of March 13, 2016, Kirk Lindstrom's two core portfolios each have money in a savings account plus money distributed between six low cost index funds at Vanguard.  I also have alternative index funds from Fidelity plus the ETF equivalents for the Vanguard index funds.  THIS IS MUCH SIMPLER THAN CRAMER's PORTFOLIOS - thus easy to follow!
  2. There is a lot of trading in Cramer's portfolio so if your portfolio is not as large as his, then your drag to commissions could be much, much higher.  My "core & explore" results include commissions.
  3. Jim Cramer says he gives the profits to charity so his actual compounding is less.   
  4. If you want to know exactly how this works, send an email to Cramer before you subscribe and ask for a complete accounting of returns by year back to 2002 BEFORE YOU SEND MONEY! 
  5. Ask Jim Cramer why he doesn't report his results up front like I do for my returns.
  6. Make sure you read: 

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To verify my results, read these articles:
  1. "Timer Digest Features Kirk Lindstrom's Investment Letter on its Cover" then
  2. "Timer Digest Market Timer of the Year Awards" then
  3. You can send me an email and I'll put you in contact with subscribers who have volunteered for this.  One whom I've helped since before writing the newsletter in 1998 will talk to you on the phone or meet in person.
  4. You can also write The Hulbert Financial Digest.  I've sent them my newsletter since about 2000 but they have not yet started to write about me.  They said not enough people has asked yet.

Chart 2:  Mark Hulbert's LTPR for Jim Cramer's "Action Alerts Plus" Charitable Trust Portfolio
(click for full size image)
Chart 3:
Jim Cramer's Action Alerts Plus Charitable Trust Performance over the last 5 years
(click for full size image)Source of Jim Cramer's Return Data:
  • 2009 to 2014: "The Hulbert Financial Digest: Long Term Performance Ratings"
  • 2002 to 2009:  Various email exchanges and web pages that come and go.

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