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May 9, 2016
  This latest email offer today indicates that demand is not that good otherwise why would thy offer the 25-hour price for only 12.5 hours of flight time?  Note the prices do not include the Federal excise tax or FET that the web site prices show as 7.5%. Card"Friends & Fliers, Jets.Com Fleet Access Membership Program pricing below is valid from now until the end of May. We have limited hours left on a first-come, first-served basis at 2016 pricing." 

25 hour programs
  • LIGHT JET $108,750 for 25 hours
  • HAWKER 400XP $119,875 for 25 hours
  • MID-SIZE JET $135,625 for 25 hours
  • HAWKER 800XP $148,750 for 25 hours
  • SUPER MID-SIZE JET $184,500 for 25 hours
  • HEAVY JET $259,000 for 25 hours
* All cards are also available as half cards (12.5 hours) for 50% of 25 hour cost

Please contact Manni Scarso directly at with any questions or to secure hours in any of the above programs or for any on-demand charter needs.
* As always, your hours never expire and there are no additional flight charges whatsoever !! Everything is included, even fuel !!



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