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Wall Street S&P500 Targets

Piper Jaffray, Barclays, Canaccord Genuity, Goldman Sachs & J.P. Morgan
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September 8, 2015:  2016 S&P500 Targets from Piper Jaffray, Barclays, Canaccord Genuity, Goldman Sachs & J.P. Morgan.  Scroll down or click for screen shot of my TV showing these numbers in the table.
Wall Street S&P500 Targets:

Piper JaffrayBarclaysCanaccord GenuityGoldman SachsJ.P. Morgan.
2,350 2,2002,175

Yesterday, 9/7/16, the S&P500 closed at 2,186.16 so three of the five in this pool expect the market to go lower before the year ends!

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This graphic was posted today on CNBC on 9/8/16 at 9:22AM EST.

Wall Street S&P500 Targets

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