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October 11, 2016:  On September 30, 2016 I celebrated 18 years of great results for "Kirk Lindstrom's Explore Portfolio."
  • 13.2% APR (Annual Performance Rate) since 9/30/98 inception
  • Up 14.4% YTD as of today for 2016.  This is 10% ahead of the DJIA and 8% ahead of the S&P500 (or 6% ahead with dividends reinvested.)
  I provided honest, long-term, market beating results that few have achieved.
I recommend a "core" portfolio for about 80 to 95% of your funds and an "explore" portfolio made of stocks from my newsletter "explore portfolio" for the remainder.   Just click for more info and a FREE SAMPLE ISSUE

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Timer Digest Bond Timer of the Year

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