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2017 Bradley Siderograph
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Bradley Turn Dates for 2017

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January 21, 2017:  Donald Bradley developed the Bradley Siderograph in the 1940s as a tool for stock market forecasting. Bradley assigned numerical values to certain planetary constellations for every day, and the sum is the siderograph. 

There are several versions of this chart that interprets the turn dates differently.  The most recent I read said the turn days are plus or minus 4 days and thus make them less useful.  Take it all with a bucket of salt as I believe there are far better indicators to pick good times to buy and sell stocks.  For example, read my Feb 11, 2016 Article:

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Kirk Lindstrom on Cover of Timer Digest
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More about the Bradley Siderograph
In his 1988 book,"Technical Analysis of Stocks, Options, and Futures", noted technical analyst William Eng, singled out the Bradley as the only 'excellent' Timing Indicator.

Many traders and financial astrologers misunderstand the Bradley siderograph. The Bradley siderograph does not reliably predict the direction but only turning points in the financial markets (stocks, bonds, bonds, commodities) within a time window of +/- 4 calendar days. Some incorrectly report "Bradley inversions" which cannot occur because the Bradley Siderograph does not reliably indicate trend directions. In addition, it is not a timing tool for short-term trends but rather for intermediate-term to longer-term trends because the turning window is +/- four calendar days.
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