- Articles - 2017 - Apple iPhone 6S Caught Fire Today In Mountain View California
Apple iPhone 6S Caught Fire Today In Mountain View California
iPhone 6s Fire
No Injuries in today's iPhone 6s fire in Mountain View, CA
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April 7, 2017:  An Apple iPhone 6S Caught Fire Today In Mountain View California.  Fortunately, other than the stinky, toxic fumes in my friend's office, no one was hurt. According to Apple, the iPhone 6s has a 4.7-inch display and today costs $549.
WARNING:  My understanding is the owner was taking the battery out of his powered off phone himself to replace it.  The phone started smoking so he threw it on the floor where it caught fire inside and melted the carpet before he could throw a cloth over it to smother the fire.  You can buy "Replacement Battery kits for the iPhone 6S" on Amazon but they are not sold by Apple.  When I checked Apple's web site, Apple wants you to bring the phone to an authorized repair center... probably to avoid what happened today. 
Burnt iPhone 6s

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