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Vanguard's Ultra-Short-Term Bond Fund - Admiral Shares  (VUSFX)

Summary:The fund is designed to give investors low-cost exposure to money market instruments and short-term high-quality bonds, including asset-backed, government, and investment-grade corporate securities. The majority of securities in the fund will have an expected maturity of 0–3 years, and will generally be held until maturity. Although short-term bond funds tend to have a higher yield than money market funds, their share price fluctuates. Because the Ultra-Short-Term Bond Fund will subject investors to principal risk, the fund shouldn’t be viewed as a substitute for a money market fund. Additionally, increases in interest rates can cause the prices of the bonds in the portfolio, and thus the fund’s share price, to decrease. More Info

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10-year VUSFX
VUSFX 10-year Chart

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