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Refund Policy for Kirk Lindstrom's Investment Letter Service

Refund Policy: Use PayPal to pay $180 and if after two issues you don't like it, then I'll refund you $120 so your risk is $60 (two issues at $25 plus $10 misc. fees.) If that is too much to risk for good advice, then you probably should stick to the simple, FREE portfolio I recommend which is 120% less your age in a total stock market index fund at Vanguard (VTSMX) or Fidelity, then the balance in a total bond fund (like VBMFX) or cash (see my newsletter for my specific recommendation.)
       In my newsletter, I offer a suggested, “three bucket” fixed income portfolio for the fixed income side of your asset allocation that allows for more "rebalancing gains" as well as takes advantage of some bond market timing for special occasions.   Note: One Refund Per Lifetime.

$180 / year  ==>  
Pay with a Credit Card or your PayPal Account

Click the button above to pay with a credit card.

That link sends $180  to me at Kirk.Lindstrom "at" via PayPal.  You don't need to have a PayPal account to use a credit card.  Let me know if you have any troubles.

Note 1:  PayPal charges  for handling transactions, even if you have a PayPal account.  I pass that fee on to you by giving a bigger discount for those who pay me directly with a check, but then you have to wait for the US snail mail to get the check to me. You can always pay by check, which many prefer for their tax records.

PayPal charges me the same fee even when they take the money from your account and move it to mine.  If you have a rewards credit card, then you might as well use that to pay via PayPal so you can get the rebate or miles.

Note 2:  If you pay by with PayPal and I don't send you the newsletter withing 48 hours of your payment, then I will refund your $5 fee.  I am not at my computer 24x7 so you have to wait for me to get payment before I send the newsletter and add you to the mailing list.

To Pay by Personal Check:

You can also send me a personal check or money order in US Dollars drawn on a US bank.  Email me for details.

For Questions or Problems:   Send me an email at  Kirk.Lindstrom "at" and describe your issue.
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DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this newsletter is not intended to constitute financial advice, and is not a recommendation or solicitation to buy, sell or hold any security. This newsletter is strictly informational and educational and is not to be construed as any kind of financial advice, investment advice or legal advice. Copyright © Kirk Lindstrom.