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  • Great. Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for. Have a fun weekend and stay safe!
    Darshak S (reply to questions after subscribing and getting my emailed answers)
  • Hi Kirk,
         Yes I'm enjoying the newsletter, thanks! I learned a lot during my first year. You provided a lot of useful information. I especially paid attention to the advice you gave to first-time users. I set up my Core portfolio per your recommendations, and I'm gradually adding to my Explore portfolio. Some of the stocks in the Explore part are pretty high in price right now, so I'm waiting for the price to come down on those (e.g. Google). 
         I'm also following your advice regarding Bonds and TIPs. That's a piece of my portfolio that needs work. And I like how you color-code the text. That comes in handy when I need to find a certain piece of info.
         I just renewed for another year. :-)
         I hope you had a great windsurfing season this year. I've been monitoring your windsurfing posts on Facebook -- looks like you got a good number of windy days!
    Take care and thanks for the newsletter,
    Carla G.

  • Kirk, At the risk of being repetitious in my occasional emails, thank you for your excellent educational materials.
    James S
  • March 17: "I have a long term plan. This plan takes into account my goals, my risk tolerance, and time horizon. Asset allocation is a major part of my plan. I used to follow technical indicators but have decided they are not all that important. I find if I rebalance my allocation when it gets out of my targets by more than 2% the technicals don't so much as guide what I should be buying or selling they confirm it is a good time to rebalance my allocation. The process once set up only takes a hour or so a month. This leaves me time to do other things. I've been taking Kirk's newsletter since Autumn 1998. Following what I have learned allowed me to retire a few years earlier than i ever dreamed and with a higher standard of living."
    Steve Thompson

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  • Feb 9: "Dear Kirk, thanks for keeping me on the list.  By now I had intended to become a subscriber again, but different scenarios, same result, I am cashless for market activities.  When I unsubscribed in 2013 it was because I went all in on property at the time and had nothing left to invest in the market.  A very solid move for me.  Since, I have started a business with some colleagues that is not setting the world on fire yet and all of my assets are in the business or tied to it.  I had hoped that by now for increased cash flow which could be channeled into the market.  That time had not yet come, but when it does, I will certainly re-subscribe.  In the meantime, I really appreciate you keeping me on your distribution list.  Your approach and knowledge of the market and the industries that you invest in are second to none.  I am sure that these days you have some very satisfied customers!" Brian Hickman
  • Jan 17: "Hi Kirk,I would like to give a subscription to your newsletter to a friend of mine - BG.  BG's a good friend of mine.  He's younger, in his early 30's, and is just starting off investing.  I think he could learn a lot from your writings. I'll send in a check..."  Mike N. 
  • Jan 2:  First Place in "Timer Digest 2017 Market Timer of the Year Award"
  • Jan 1: "Thanks for your great newsletter and information.  Terrific material."  Russ T.
  • Dec; 15: "I want to thank you for your guidance over the years and most recently the FNSR recommendation to buy & sell.  It was fun to buy it recently on the dip and almost more important is your alert to sell when it popped.  It is typically easier to “let it ride” and assume it is on its way to higher prices.  I feel so much better that I sold a small chunk, reduced my exposure and can ignore the ~5% decline from ~$24.  Thanks again."  Tom
  • Oct. 18: Doug E:  "I think your approach to investing is superb."  After my take profits special email alert
  • Sept 1:  Rev Bill:  "Renewal....The check is in the mail NOW...Thanks again for your good advice!"
  • Aug. 27: Rich C.:  Renewal Note: "Thanks Kirk for your newsletter with great ideas that has helped me re-boot my retirement portfolio!"
  • July 12:  Tom McGovern's reply to a "Take Profits" email alert:   "I love your unemotional discipline!"
  • Apr 27: Eric Johnson: I love it! Keep up the great work. I have mailed the check (bill pay) and it says it will arrive on 5/2.
  • Feb. 28: Steve Thompson:  Your system once understood and implemented works, requires not that much time or effort, and really has made a huge difference in our lives. Thank YOU!
  • Nov. 11, 2015: Tom Drake: "Btw, I really like your coverage of iBonds and TIPs in general.  I am ..."
  • Aug. 21, 2015: Roberta Hamilton reply to AMAT Buy Alert at $15.50:  "Nice one Kirk!"
  • Click to see my returns by year and Steve's comment
  • Jan 7, 2013:  Silicon Investor: Congrats to Kirk.......finished In TIMER DIGEST'S top 10 for 2012
  • Jan 3, 2013 on Silicon Investor:  found it wonderfully educational and profitable.
  • Jan 3, 2013 via FB message: Thanks for the birthday wishes! And more importantly, thanks for all of those excellent notes on investing and the economy!! We live in crazy times, but if you plan accordingly, life is good.
  • Jan 2, 2013:  On Facebook:  I don't mind sharing. I am at 60% equity and still did 10.43%. Fixed is nearly all MM so the rebalancing and explore portion of my portfolio performed fantastic. Thank YOU!
Via email
  • Hi Kirk, Is this fellow one of your newsletter clients?  I replied to him with a glowing recommendation for your investing services.  Steve M 8/15/12
  • Kirk , will renew next week. Love the newsletter!! payal will be coming soon. 5/14/12 Joe C
  • "Kirk, just want to say you had a great batch of sell actions last week.  Many of the financial threads I follow were saying a buy is in in their weekend notes.  Yet you were selling.  Good job."  Steve P 11/1/11
  • "Kirk - Sorry for the delay, but YES, I love those newsletters, and will renew by PayPal.  Thanks for all that Mad Money :)"  Brad P. 10/27/11
  • "Mark me down again for renewal.  I will mail a check to the address listed. Will you offer a discount for a 2-3 year subscription?"  Patrick S. 10/26/11
  • "Love your  newsletter."  Patrick O. 10/24/11
  • "Yes, another year of your insightful newsletter.  Check is in the mail."  Barbara H. 9/26/11
  • 11/19/11 Facebook "Like":
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 From LZC  September 15, 2011
Why Buy and Hold? We've had some major disappointments in some major, previously stable issues. Remember it's not a Profit until you sell.

Buy and Hold has become an illness like QE 1, 2 and 3. In this atmosphere it's important to keep a positive cash flow working to beat the Growing appetite of DC and in my case Lansing.

I've been following Kirk's advice for 4 Years now and it's quite enjoyable once you learn to take some profits along the way. There is no trend in markets that is a straight line up or down and while Market Timing is virtually impossible taking profits and reinvesting those profits on dips has been very productive for me. In flat markets there is also a time for Dollar Cost Averaging. I'm retired and adjust my investing to a much more conservative strategy than recommended by Kirk's Newsletter while incorporating the parts that fit. The Monthly News and Charts on the recommended Equities is extremely helpful. I've done quite well in a shaky economic atmosphere. I like that Kirk doesn't just report the rosy good trades in his Newsletter. Every position and resolution is listed good or bad and the good far outweigh everything else. His Strategies can be adjusted to any level of Risk Tolerance you might have. The TIPS recommendation has been an especially nice surprise.

Explore Portfolio TIPS as of  12/31/12  
CUSIP Term Value Due Date Paid Buy Date Interest $ Gain % Gain
912828MF4 10-YR $38,042 1/15/2020 $29,847 1/11/2010 $1,066.86 $9,262 31.0%
912828PP9 10-YR $37,262 1/15/2021 $30,846 3/24/2011 $525.86 $6,942 22.5%
From Al Woodward, someone who has subscribed since the start (and renewed on 5/15/17.)
"I've subscribed to Kirk for many years and have been satisfied. I call Kirk a swing trader. In the simplistic, he buys some of a stock when it is below the buy target point, sells some when it reaches the targeted sell point. Then he waits for that stock to cycle itself again at some future date. The methodology is mechanical and the targets are published. The actions are not done on a whim.

At one time I followed Bob (Brinker), but that was before I saw him for what he truly is."

Al in San Jose" 9/18/11
Testimonials about Kirk's Investment Newsletter
  • Steve Thompson, one of my first subscribers who will vouch for me via email if you wish:
    "If my better than average returns continue I’ll be able to retire at a higher standard of living and sooner than I originally thought. Kirk’s newsletter for me has been a true life changing event."

  • David Gratson, a long-time subscriber who vouches for me on LinkedIn:
    "Kirk's understanding of investing, and in particular the technology of which he recommends, is excellent. He understands how the small investor needs to be wary of headline information, and he does his homework to value companies and decide when to buy or sell. I have also learned a lot about fixed income (bonds etc) investing from Kirk's newsletter, and that understanding is particularly important as I age. I think you would find Kirk's newsletter a great complement to your investment process and I highly recommend subscribing to his newsletter.”

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       In my newsletter, I offer a suggested, “three bucket” fixed income portfolio for the fixed income side of your asset allocation that allows for more "rebalancing gains" as well as takes advantage of some bond market timing for special occasions. 
Note:  One Refund Per Lifetime and no refunds if you pay by check.

Kirk Lindstrom
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