- Quotes and Inspiration - Apollo 8 Earthrise over the Moon - December 24, 1968
                Windsurfing at Palo Alto in SF Bay in May 2009
 Apollo 8 Earth Rising over the Moon
December 24, 1968: Frank Borman, Jim Lovell & William Anders
Kirk                Windsurfing at Coyote Point November 2009
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I can't describe how much the Apollo missions to the Moon inspired me to go into engineering.  What I remember from age five to ten was using my Lego sets to design and build "Lunar Rovers" for future trips.

If you want to give your kids and grandchildren fun toys that inspire them while building their hand-eye coordination, it is hard to think of better gifts than Lego Toys, Lincoln Logs, K'nex building sets and I am very pleased to see they have a set just for girls called Goldie Blox.

Goldie Blox

Inspire young girls

Legos with Wheels

Inspire a Mars Rover!

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