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Best CD Rates For April 2016
Survey of Highest CD Rates  by Term

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April 11, 2016
  This table shows the latest survey1 showing the highest CD rates by term with comparison to US Treasury rates, money market rates from Vanguard (which has some of the top rates due to its very low expenses) and the current Series I Bond rate.   For comparison, SPY currently has a yield of 2.10%.
Highest CD Rate Survey by Term
Rate (APY)
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Vanguard Daily
Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund
Vanguard Tax Exempt 
Vanguard Tax Exempt Money Market Fund
FDIC Daily Savings1.05% Synchrony Bank 
6 Mo US Treasury0.34%
US Treasury Rates
US Treasury Series I Bonds
For the next 6 months

to 4.97%
Rate is fixed for 6 months after purchase
Current iBond Rates & I- Bonds Explained 
1 Year CD
Connexus Credit Union
1 Yr US Treasury
US Treasury Rates
2 Year CD
1.53%Connexus Credit Union
3 Year CD
Synchrony Bank 
5 Year CD
 Melrose Credit Union
5 Yr US Treasury
US Treasury Rate Quote
7 Year CD
Discover Bank & 1.41% @ PenFed CU 
10 Year CD
Discover Bank 
10 Yr US Treasury
US Treasury Rates
30 Yr US Treasury
US Treasury Rate Quote
Vanguard Money Market & US Treasury Rates shown for Reference

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Note 1: Data for today's article from the latest update of Very Best CD Rates - Home Page for the Highest CD Rates

SPY Price and Yield graph

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