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Kirk's Two Investment Letters
Kirk Lindstrom on Cover of Timer Digest
I wrote two different, but related, newsletters

Today I recommend the "Conservative Core Portfolio in "Kirk Lindstrom's Investment Letter" for those in retirement.  Read below to see why.
I no longer publish The Retirement Advisor newsletter.  Our last issue was published in December 2016 ending ten years of market beating performance.   Now I only recommend "Kirk Lindstrom's Investment Letter."

The Retirement Advisor was created specifically to address the concerns of the mature investor – someone who was seeking quality bonds, CDs, and other fixed income instruments as well as individuals who want to keep abreast of the stock market as part of a balanced approach to investing. Our newsletter was published once a month and designed to provide individuals approaching or in retirement with a resource to assist them with formulating a retirement portfolio strategy. 

What I found was investors do better with some "active engagement" with their portfolios.

That means even retired investors do better with a small number of individual stocks or sector ETFs where you look for major market declines to buy rather than panic.

Likewise, small investors do better if they take some profits as markets soar rather than get too greedy by over allocating to stocks by not rebalancing, or worse, adding money at the very top!

My Explore Portfolio has both individual stocks and sector ETFs so you can follow and trade them all or monitor and trade just a few a few times per year (my trades are infrequent) to keep engaged.

That is where "Core and Explore" investing works so well:
I recommend a "core" portfolio for about 80 to 95% of your funds and an "explore" portfolio made of stocks from my newsletter "explore portfolio" for the remainder. My newsletter stocks are volatile by design to add to overall returns, but you need a good core portfolio to sleep well at night. I offer several different core portfolios for both aggressive & conservative investors.
If you are not interested in individual stocks, then just follow one of my two core portfolios for 100% of your investment assets. One portfolio is for "conservative" investors and the other is for "Aggressive" investors. They use the same funds, but with different percentages so you can easily move from aggressive to conservative as you age or have success and want to lock in nice gains to retire early.

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Kirk Lindstrom on Cover of Timer Digest
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