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2015 Articles   
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2015 Articles:  Most Significant articles have Red Dates  
   Series I Bond Rates

Dec 04 SPX and SPY Just 2% Below Record Highs - Market Update
Dec 03 6 Weekly Sentiment Charts - SPY Plunging With Deteriorating Sentiment 
Nov 03
New Series I Bonds Offer Attractive Rates Seeking Alpha Article
Oct 30 6 Weekly Sentiment Charts - Seeking Alpha Article
Oct 15 2016 Social Security COLA: Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) for 2016 
Oct 10 Lipper FMI (formerly AMG) US Fund Flows - Data & Graph 
Oct 06 2016 Bradley Siderograph Turn Dates 
Sept 25 
SPY 8% Off Record High While WLI Rises To 6-Week High 
Sept 21 Ticker Sense Blogger Sentiment vs S&P500 Record Bearish Sentiment!
Sept 09 S&P500 Earnings Adjusted for Inflation from 1900 to 2015 
Sept 08
Ticker Sense Blogger Sentiment vs S&P500 Data and Graph
Sept 03 AAII Bulls & Bears Sentiment Survey & Graph 
Sept 03 Investors Intelligence (II) Bulls minus Bears Sentiment Graph
Aug 31 GeoGlobal News - GGLR is up 180% YTD 
Aug 29 Market Update - August 29, 2015  
July 08
Chinese Stocks Down Over 30%. Is It Time To Buy?   
June 15 Controlling Facebook Ads to Show Handsome Men
June 15 Controlling Facebook Ads to Show Beautiful Women
June 03 Inflation Adjusted S&P500 Earnings - Historical & Future Earnings
May 27
Median Single-Family Home Prices Adjusted for Inflation
May 24 Current & Historical US Treasury Rates And Yields:
1990 through Today
May 18 Bob Brinker Listen Live & FREE Moneytalk on Demand Podcast Archives
May 17 Beware of Peer-to-Peer Lenders -
Risky Lending Club and Prime Meridian 
May 06 Historical 30-Year Mortgage Rates  - Rates near historical lows
May 05 Warren Buffett say Bonds Overvalued & he would short 20- & 30-year bonds

May 01 New Series I Bond Rates  - iBond Rate Blog Article 
Apr 28 Gold Back Above $1,200 per Ounce - Is the bottom in?
Apr 08 Medium Single-Family Home Prices in Ounces of Gold Rough double in 3 yrs!
Apr 07 Los Altos Home Prices Grew 13% in 2014 & up 282% since 1998 
Mar 30 Bob Brinker Moneytalk Listen Live Station List & Archives
Mar 11 US Dollar Index Surges to 12-Year High 
Mar 10 Gold and GLD Resistance and Support Levels Three Key Charts to watch
Mar 07
Fed Funds Interest Rates vs. S&P500 Index  
Mar 04 S&P500 PE Ratio & CAPE History - Historical Price to Earnings Ratios 
Feb 13 US Federal  Capital Gains Tax Brackets and Rates for 2015
Feb 11 Citigroup Stock Price Pattern to Watch
- Inverse Head & Shoulder Pattern 
Feb 11 Inflation Adjusted Gasoline Price History - Gas Price Chart History 
Feb 05 Intuit Restores Missing Forms to TurboTax Deluxe - Free Upgrade & Refund
Feb 04 Dow Jones Industrial Average Adjusted For Inflation  with DJIA @ $17,666
Jan 27 State Street Investor Confidence Index (ICI) versus S&P500  
Jan 27 2015 US Federal Income Tax Brackets & Federal Marginal Tax Rates for 2015   
Jan 26 Jim Cramer's 2014 Action Alerts Plus Charitable Trust Portfolio Performance
Jan 23 2015 Crude Oil Price Predictions from T. Boone Pickens & Prince Alwaleed 
Jan 12 10 Year CD Rates - APYs For Ten Year Certificates of Deposit
Jan 07 WTIC Crude Oil Price Per Barrel History with Resistance & Support Levels 
Jan 02 Never forget Bob Brinker’s 2000 QQQ Advice for cash reserves
Jan 02 Bob Brinker's "Follow-up Guidance" for Brinker's 2000 QQQ trade
Jan 01
Year 2014 in Review  - Happy New Year!

Full List of 2014
  (Key Articles below)
Dec 24 DOW:Gold Ratio: Dow Jones Industrial Average, DJIA, in ounces of gold
Dec 22 Bradley Turn Dates for 2015 - Bradley Siderograph
Dec 18 Charitable Giving by State as a percentage of Income
Dec 10 U.S. Air Force Band Flash Mobs at the Smithsonian
Nov 26 Inflation Adjusted Gasoline Prices Plunge 24% to a five-year low
Nov 21 Bradley Turn Dates vs SPX & Gold - Bradly turning date history 2011 to 2014
Nov 08 PenFed CU CD Rates - Interest Rates at  Pentagon Federal Credit Union
Nov 06  NAAIM Exposure Index - Sentiment of active money managers
Nov 03 Gold and GLD Resistance and Support Levels Three Key Charts to watch
Oct 28 Timer Digest Features Kirk Lindstrom's Investment Letter on its Cover
Aug 02 Tom Drake's 2CS Senticator (Sentiment Indicator) History
July 29 DJIA - DOW Irrational Exuberance and Pessimism Trend Lines Chart
May 14 California Tax Rates for 2014 -  Post Proposition 30
Jan 09 Current & Historical US Treasury Rates And Yields for 10 & 30 Year Bonds
Jan 04 Real Price of S&P Composite with Dividends Re-invested 1870-2013
Jan 02 S&P500 Resistance and Support Levels - Testing First Level Support
Full List of 2013 Articles  (Key Articles below)
Dec 21 Recommended Christmas Holiday Gifts for All Ages
Nov 01 Current Series I and EE Savings Bond Rates - Nov. 1, 2013 to April 30, 2014
Oct 26 NASDAQ Composite: Kirk's Irrational Exuberance and Pessimism Trend Lines
Aug 13 Timer Digest's Top Stock Market Timers: Kirk's Investment Letter in First Place!
Aug 13 Timer Digest's Top Bond Market Timers: Kirk's Investment Letter in First Place!
Jan 11: HPQ: Hewlett-Packard Could Double: My Buy & Toni Sacconaghi Price Targets
Dec 31 2013 Dogs of the Dow - Year End Prices & Top Ten Yielding DOW Stocks

Past Articles for 2013 & 2012    

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Biggest Stock Market Declines In History - DJIA
Biggest Stock Market Declines In History - S&P500

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EE Bonds:  Current Series EE Savings Bond rates  -  Historical Series EE Savings Bond Rates

Series I Bonds: Current Series I Bond Rates   iBonds: Historical Series I Bond Rates

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