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                Windsurfing at Palo Alto in SF Bay in May 2009
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                Windsurfing at Coyote Point November 2009
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Dec 31 2013 Dogs of the Dow - DOW 30 Stocks Year End Prices & Top Ten Yielding DOW Stocks
Dec 27 Medium Single-Family Home Prices in Ounces of Gold
Dec 25 Merry Christmas - 2012
Dec 24 Barron's Market Outlook for 2013 - All Bulls

Dec 18 DOW vs 10-Year US Treasury Note Interest Rates  DJIA vs 10yr treasury bond interest rates
Dec 10 US Defense Budget Compared to the Next 10 Largest Military Budgets
Dec 6 Gold and GLD Resistance and Support Levels
Dec 3 200+ Year DOW to Gold Ratio - 1800 to 2012
Dec 1 ECRI: How to Calculate WLI Growth from ECRI's Weekly WLI Data Series
Nov 30 2012 and 2013 California Tax Rates Post Proposition 30 - Top Rate 12.3%
Nov 29 S&P500 Trailing 10 year compound annual total return chart and commentary

Nov 29 Chart of Average Annual CPI Inflation Rate by Decade
Nov 28 Best 10 Year CD Rates - Survey of Top Ten Year CD Rates from banks that offer 10-YR CDs

Nov 20 Intel's CEO Employment History: Otellini, Barrett, Grove, Moore and Noyce Ages at Retirement
Nov 15 Gary Kaminsky on What is Really Going on With the Markets - Obama not positive for Stocks
Nov 13 Shoe Phone - First Portable Shoe Phone on TV - Get Smart - Episode 1 in 1965
Nov 2 US Unemployment Rate History - Current Release and an Historical Chart 
Oct 30 State Street Investor Confidence Index (ICI) Hits All Time Record Low - Chart versus S&P500
Oct 26  S&P500 PE & CAPE History - Price to Earnings Ratio - Historical PE Ratios

Oct 24 FB Facebook Stock Share Lock-up Expiration Timetable
Oct 24 Stock Markets vs. Federal Funds Rate: A 20-Year Historical Chart
Oct 12 Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) Adjusted For Inflation Historical Chart
Sept 27  NNVC NanoViricides TA Update - My last newsletter trade was to buy shares at 55¢.
Sept 25 State Street Investor Confidence Index (ICI) versus S&P500 is only 4.8 points above all-time low
Sept 25 HIO - “Western Asset High Income Opportunity Fund” vs S&P500 - Via Don Wolanchuk

Sept 21 Inflation Adjusted Gas Prices - Gasoline Price Chart History
Sept 4 Don Wolanchuk's e-Wave Count for the Shanghai Stock Exchange
Sept 3 Dow Jones Economic Sentiment Indicator Moves Higher for First Time Since March
Aug 31 Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI) Weekly Leading Index Update
Aug 29 Investor's Intelligence Survey (IIS) Bull Bear Sentiment Survey Data and Chart
Aug 24 Mark Faber Reiterates Global Recession Prediction  (for Q4 2012 or early 2013)

Aug 16 10-Year US Treasury Note Rate vs the DOW Jones Industrial Average or DOW
Aug 10
S&P500 Earnings Adjusted for Inflation from 1900 to 2012 
Aug 9 Official London Olympic Sponsors List Note Nike is on this list.
Aug 2 List of States With No Income Taxes; States that do not tax earned or investment income
Aug 1 Bill Gross Death of Equities: The Implications of his "The Cult of Equity is Dying" Article
July 27 10-Year US Treasury Bond 26-Year Falling Rate Channel;  Resistance & Support Lines
July 26 Kevin Landis Firsthand Funds Facebook Position
July 19 AAII Sentiment Survey Data and Chart
July 18 List of California Cities and Municipalities In Or Near Bankruptcy
July 10 ECRI Believes We are NOW In A Recession
June 27 Arena's Obesity Drug, Lorcaserin - Belviq, Approved by FDA.  How Belviq Works

June 21
DOW CLX Mojo Graph Turns Bullish 
June 15 PIIGS Bond Spread Versus the German Bund (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Spain)
June 11 Jim Rogers Market Outlook - CNBC Summary
June 8 Inflation Adjusted Oil Prices - Chart and History
May 24 Facebook IPO Timeline: Facebook Valuation, Facts and History
May 19 Mark Zuckerberg and Dr. Priscilla Chan May 19, 2012 Wedding Photos
May 18
A Record Low!  10-Year Treasury Bond Yield History From 1900 to May 2012
May 16 
What is the Best Dividend Paying Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) for Income?
May 11 AAII Sentiment Survey Data and Chart
April 30 CalSTRS Teachers Pension Fund Asset Allocation
April 3 S&P500 as a percentage of Total Stock Market (SPY vs VTSMX)
Mar 30 Semiconductor Chip Foundry Revenue and Rankings for 2010 and 2011
Mar 30 S&P500 PE & CAPE History -  Historical Price to Earnings & Cyclically Adjusted PE Ratios
Mar 16 What is the Best Bond ETF?
Mar 15 Why ECRI Stands By Their Recession Call
Feb 28 Michael Lombardi's Critical Warning Number Six Predicts a Market Crash in 2 Months!
Feb 21  DOW 13,000 - Dow Jones Industrial Average Breaks 13,000
Feb 17 Facebook Valuation Venture Capital Timeline
Feb 16 How Much did the US Government Pay for GM?
Feb 1 Bob Brinker Listen Live Plus Stations for FREE Moneytalk On Demand
Jan 20 S&P500 Earnings Adjusted for Inflation
Jan 19 Jim Cramer's "Action Alerts Plus" Charitable Trust Portfolio Performance for 2011

Dec. 14 Fed says Inflation has moderated - Table of Core PCE Inflation
Dec. 09 S&P500  Earnings Adjusted for Inflation
Nov. 18 Valuation Ratios For Japan, USA, Europe and Asia - (Plus PB. EV, ROE, Dividend Yield)
Nov. 11 PIIGS 10-year government bond spread versus the German Bund
Oct 26 Mark Faber - "Gloom. Boom and Doom Report" Current Advice & S&P500 Trading Range
Oct 17 Government Debt as a Percentage of GDP by Country
Aug 8: List of Standard & Poors AAA Rated Companies
July 10: British Airways 100,000 Free Miles Offer
May 5  Highest Paid CEOs in 2010 


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